Waste and disposal management consulting for businesses in commerce and industry

Waste is valuable materials in the wrong place. A well thought-out disposal concept and optimized recycling management allows companies to leverage the economic potential of their waste. Through intelligent disposal, PreZero realizes remuneration for your recyclables, lowers recycling costs and saves on transportation.

We are the right company to contact for sustainable disposal that creates value, whatever the material in your waste containers may be. Because for us there is no such thing as waste, only unsorted valuable materials. We are looking for the most economical separation, collection and recycling solutions for you and set out to transporting your waste safely and reliably.

Based on a well-founded analysis, we work with you to develop a holistic recycling concept that covers all of your business locations, if necessary. We implement all ideas together with you and ensure that waste and recyclables are collected and transferred in due time. This is how we ensure that you both benefit economically and comply with all provisions according to the Commercial Waste Ordinance. On request, we also review your internal processes to ensure that your recyclables are separated to the optimum extent. We provide training for your employees and create process security by providing recommendations for actions that have been successfully applied in the past.

Optimization in your company

We strive to support you in saving cash and protecting the environment at the same time. To this end, we will analyze your individual requirements, determine savings potential for the disposal of your waste and show you which and how much additional revenue you can achieve with the sustainable marketing of your valuable materials.

It starts with the technology most suitable for you. Whether balers, press containers or screw compactors: our experts take a close look at your stream of recyclables and determine the technical solutions that will yield the highest return for you and the environment. Here you can chose on an individual basis between purchasing, leasing or hire-purchasing.

Our consulting services

Nationwide disposal system

Throughout Germany, our customers from commerce and industry as well as logistics and shipping benefit from attractive prices for the disposal and marketing of their recyclables. We participate in nationwide tenders and are your competent contact.


Wir senken Ihre Kosten und helfen Ihnen dabei, Ressourcen zu sparen und die Umwelt zu schonen. Zusammen mit unseren Partnern stellen wir Ihnen auf Wunsch ein Zertifikat über die erzielten ökologischen Vorteile einer optimierten Entsorgung aus. Auf diese Weise werden Ihre Bemühungen um Nachhaltigkeit weithin sichtbar – auch für Ihre Kunden.We lower your costs, help you save resources and protect the environment. On request, we and our partners can provide you with a certificate of the achieved ecological advantages of your optimized disposal management. This way, your efforts towards sustainability become widely visible – also for your customers.


Based on targeted trainings, we enable your employees to separate recyclable materials quickly and easily in their daily work. We create process safety and explain the value of the materials and the contribution that each individual can make. For this purpose, we draft training material and develop suitable signage concepts.