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We close loops to protect
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You can find more information about our Dual business segment here:

All topics concerning sales: vertrieb@prezerodual.com

All topics concerning collection and sorting: info@prezerodual.com

You can reach us via our hotline at +49 (0) 7132-30-773255 or using our Contact form.

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We are a new dual system in Germany. Our dynamic way of thinking and many years of experience in the waste disposal sector give us a crucial role in the circular economy.

PreZero Dual started out as a successful licenser for retail packaging put into circulation by brands such as Dulano, Milbona, Bon Gelati, Alesto, K Favourites and K-Classic.

As of now, PreZero Dual is offering its services and know-how as a reliable partner to all businesses that put retail packaging into circulation. Together, we help ensure that your packaging is collected and recycled and that as much of the recyclable material as possible is brought back into circulation.

Our partners have the option of using our recycling tool for assessing the recyclability of their packaging so that new products can be made of reused material and statutory packaging obligations will be met.

Our vision: closed-loop recycling

Our vision is a world that no longer wastes resources thanks to closed value loops. Zero waste, 100 percent usable materials. With in-house capacities along the entire value chain in waste and recycling management, ProZero closes the recycling loop as an environmental service provider.

With this complete concept as its foundation, and our outstanding quality standards, our dual system will convince you over the long term.

We stand for:

  • Innovative environmental services

  • 30 years of experience in recycling processes

  • Nationwide service coverage

  • Individually customized offers with consideration of recyclability

  • Integration of a global plastic strategy

Questions about licensing

What is a license?

Packaging in Germany is subject to so-called extended product responsibility. In Germany, participation in this system is obligatory. That means that manufacturers who put packaging filled with merchandise on the market are obliged to participate in dual system packaging.

Who must have a license?

Anyone who distributes packing filled with merchandise 1. commercially, 2. for the first time, and 3. when this packing incurs at the end user.

Which packaging must be licensed?

In general, all retail packaging, outer packaging, and shipping packaging, including the entire filler material, as well as service packaging which typically lands in private trash, must be licensed in the system.

What role does the recyclability play in packaging?

For all who put packaging into circulation, the rating of the recyclability is a very important issue. By putting recyclable packaging material onto the market, more materials can be recycled and with that, we can have a positive influence on our environment. Our partners can use our proprietary recycling tool for evaluating the recyclability of their materials. To interested parties, we offer models showing how participating in our dual system costs you less if you already have certificates proving the recyclability of your packaging. We are happy to share our expertise, should you have any question, and look forward to developing recycling innovations together with you.

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Conclusion of contract

License your packaging with us.
Use the contact data here on our website or our
contact form

Conclusion of contract

License your packaging with us. Use the contact data here on our website or our contact form

Here’s how to sign a packaging license:

  • Let us know the volume that you want to license with us
  • You will receive a customized estimate
  • Should you decide to partner with us, we will send you all of the necessary contract documentation
  •  We are available at any time for questions on topics such as registering volumes, using our recycling tool, etc.