Waste is recycling material in the wrong place

From waste to recyclable material

The Schwarz Group, which contributes to mountains of packaging waste due to its size and presence around the globe, is thus becoming an active solution provider and is facing up to its expanded producer responsibility. Packaging is transferred into a closed-loop economy. This ensures that waste of resources along the value chain is reduced.

Optimize streams of recyclables

Disposal and Recycling

PreZero takes care of organizing the collection of recyclables with their own capacities and, where we are not yet active, with the help of a comprehensive network of small and medium-sized waste disposal partners.

At the same time, PreZero ensures that the separated, pressed and collected recyclables are sold at the best price to companies that reprocess these materials and use them to manufacture new products. For plastics, these are even reprocessed into new raw materials by our own recyclate producers in Austria and Italy.

In addition, PreZero also offers customers the service of setting up a closed recycling system: This means that a company's waste returns to it in the form of a recycled product. For Lidl, GreenCycle ensures, for instance, that the paper and plastic waste from stores is reprocessed into copy paper and foil bags which the stores can then reuse as consumable supplies.

From internal disposer to international player