Vision & Values

Connected to the future – we have a fresh way of thinking.

As an environmental service provider, PreZero is committed to conserving resources along the entire value chain. Every employee is thus committed to the same idea: Avoid waste and make the future cleaner with sustainable and efficient solutions. In doing so, we are guided by the corporate values. As overarching standards, they guide our decisions and our behavior, are meaningful, promote trust and motivation and strengthen identification with our company.
Our Vision

New thinking for a cleaner tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our innovative environmental services make it possible for us to close loops and help conserve resources.

recyclable material cycle
This is how we describe our goal: A clean future in which an efficient, digitized and closed-loop recycling system protects our environment and creates sustainable value.
PreZero is the innovation driver of the industry and the name describes our goal: We are committed to conserving resources and reducing the amount of waste that cannot be recycled towards zero - in other words, PreZero.

No resources wasted

along the entire value chain. We are decisive pioneers and take responsibility for tomorrow – with a unique combination of over 90 years of experience, an extensive network and as part of the Schwarz Group.

Zero stands for an intelligent cycle

in which all aspects are considered as part of a larger whole – starting with the use of the product by the retailer through to disposal and sustainable recycling.

The road to a zero-waste society.

In this way, PreZero is the first company on the market to combine all elements into a closed loop for recyclable materials.

Our values