REset Plastic – the plastic strategy of the Schwarz Group

Schwarz Group takes circulation into its own hands

The Schwarz Group, with its retail business units Lidl and Kaufland, is one of the largest international retailers and is not only aware of its responsibility for the environment but actively stepping up to the challenge. The Schwarz Group started an extensive strategy called “REset Plastic – the plastic strategy of the Schwarz Group”, which includes all business units and locations worldwide. A central role in this strategy is played by PreZero, the Group's waste disposal and recycling service provider. 

As the Schwarz Group, we have the closed loop under control, from production to retail to waste removal and recycling – a process that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.  

REset Plastic is divided into five fields of action: prevention, design, recycling, elimination, and innovation and education. This way, the vision of “Less plastic – closed loops” will become reality.