Become a partner of PreZero Dual

and we will shape loops together for a clean tomorrow

Because everyone wins if nothing is lost

Carefree creation of new value from previously discarded waste – for you, your customers and the complete environment. PreZero has dedicated itself to this objective in its business sectors and services. As a forerunner and partner, we are with you every step of the way to a circular economy: from packaging licensing to collection, sorting and recycling through to merchandise logistics and the development of new, innovative packaging solutions.

We don’t just help you comply with all current requirements safely and reliably – we go way beyond that. The most modern systems, alternative raw materials and digital innovation: We make the concept of the closed value chain a successful business model for you, when it still means obligations and restrictions for your competition.

Together on the fast lane.


Dual System Cycle

How did we get here?

We are a young, dynamic dual system. Thanks to many years of experience at the PreZero Group in the waste management industry, we have learned that a dual system is the starting and turning point for implementing recycling concepts. That was one of the decisive reasons for setting up our own dual system. Were already well on the way to implementing our recycling concepts. We’d be delighted to accompany you on the path. Become our partner and we’ll shape innovative loops together for a cleaner tomorrow 

Sustainable packaging optimization through individual packaging licensing

Make the “mandatory” packaging licensing a “choice” and use your packaging for ecological differentiation. With PreZero Dual and its dual system, you put your product on the market quickly and in compliance with legal regulations. Our packaging management supports you in developing packaging into sustainable recycling products – ecological and economic competitive advantages included.

You can find our sustainable product and service portfolio here

PreZero Dual value proposition

Our promise to you

In addition to legally compliant packaging licensing, we develop customer-specific, individual solutions along the entire value chain. We also deliver streamlined processes and a sustainable product and service portfolio for you. Focusing on sustainability, we work together with you on recycling concepts to save resources sustainably.